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Oct 28, 2020 - 0 Minutes read

Why Dogs Pull You on Leash | Proven Solutions

 Why Dogs Pull You on Leash - Almost every country has a leash law. It is the law according to which dogs are not allowed to move on the streets without a leash. This law states that dogs must be on a leash while moving in public places. The leash law is very important for the safety of dogs and ordinary people on roads. It will protect the dogs from getting a different type of viruses and disease present in the air. People and children on the road will also remain protected by the dog attack. Dogs do not have brains like humans, which could distinguish between right and wrong. So there is a chance that they could attack the local people moving on roads. But this is a common problem faced by all the dog owners that when they put a leash on their dogs, they pull it a lot, which creates a lot of hindrances. Are you a dog owner and facing the same problem of leash pulling by dogs? If yes, then read this article, you will get your answer.

Factors Affecting Why Dogs Pull You on Leash

Now the question arises why dogs pull leash a lot while moving on roads, parks, or any public places. There are various reasons for it which are as follows:

Dogs With a Lot of Energy and Less Self-Control

There are different categories of dogs. Some dogs are so energetic that their owners have to face a lot of problems in controlling them. These types of dogs pull the leash more strongly when their owners bring them out for a walk. Because when they get excited, they become more energetic and pull the strap with more power. They lose their self-control in excitement, which creates a problem for the owner to handle them.

Dogs Pull to Get Something

Pulling gives a signal that the dogs want something, or he is attracted to someone. When dogs see some human, a vehicle, or any other dog, they start barking and pulling the leash to lose to them. Similarly, if they want their owner to play with them with some ball in the ground, they will give that signal to their owner by pulling the strap with full pressure, which will make their owner understand that dogs want to play.

 Dogs Who Are Not Trained

When you buy an animal as a pet, you must teach and train him the way you want your pet to respond. But most people don't train their dogs correctly. For example, people train their dogs on how to play with the ball. Similarly, you must train your dogs on how to handle leash. Dogs respond very spontaneously to the rope around their neck because they are not used to it.

Dog Gets Anxious

When dogs get anxious after seeing something opposite to their interest. And in that condition, it becomes difficult to handle them. And due to fear, they keep on pulling the leash. Hence, it is necessary to train dogs on how to control anxiety and anxiousness.

Uncomfortable Material of Leash

Leashes are made up of different materials. Straps made from inferior material makes the dog uncomfortable. When you try to pull the dog in tight and awkward rope, then due to itching in the dog neck, the dog will get arrogant, and you have to face the problem of pulling the dog.

How to Stop This Problem

You can adopt some ways to get rid of the problem of pulling the leash.

Make the Dog Familiarize From the Leash

It is the fact that dogs are very good at sniffing. Dogs are used to solve many mysteries because of their sniffing power. If you offer something to a dog to smell, it will bring you to the owner of the thing. Similarly, if you put a new and entirely different leash in the dog's neck, he will first sniff the strap. If he does not recognize the smell of rope, he will refuse to wear it. Hence, before putting a leash on the dog's neck, you must make your pet aware of the smell of the strap. So that when you put it on the dog, he wears it comfortably without any disturbance.

Adjust The Position of The Collar

The area above the neck is susceptible to dogs. They feel a lot of irritation if you put something in their throat. They start scratching their necks. So, while placing some collar or leash in the dog's necks, you must adjust the position of the collar around their neck correctly so that they may not feel uncomfortable. Hence, in that condition, they will not pull the leash.

Do Not Shorten The Length of The Leash

People think that by shortening the leash's length, they will not let their pets go from them. But this creates discomfort for the dogs. Dogs feel tightness around their necks, and due to disturbance, they pull the leash. Hence, try to keep the length of the strap regular so that dog may not feel uncomfortable.


These were the possible ways through which you can avoid the pull of the leash. It would be best if you put the leash on your pet to prevent the attack of dogs on the people with your encounter. It will prevent your dog from trespassing on the neighbor's property. You will enjoy walking with a well-trained pet. A leash is considered as the lifeline of the dog. It will protect your dog from accidents and traffic. Almost 60 percent of the dogs die in accidents. The reason is that they are not trained, and their owners do not put the leash in their necks. You can distinguish between your dog and other dogs. As when you bring your dog to some park, there will be other dogs as well. To eliminate confusion, it is necessary to put on a leash so that you can distinguish between your pet and others. Hence, try to spot the methods about to obey leash law.