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Dec 03, 2020 - 0 Minutes read

Reduce your Effort by Cutting so Many Suppliers by One Big Supplier

Problems in the supply chain?

SAJJ GLOBAL will be your One-Stop Solution for Machine tools and fastenersWe care about your satisfaction.

Everyone has suppliers for their manufacturing products. But in the maximum cases, we saw the client's dissatisfaction with present suppliers. It is about increasing product prices & decreasing product quality tremendously day by day. Delivery time, the Wrong promise is also a matter of dissatisfaction.

They want to change their current supplier but feel intimidated because everyone has accountability. If something goes wrong? One Partner is responsible in front of another partner. They need to explain if anything happens after changing present suppliers.

The same thing happens to purchase officers and supply-chain managers. They must be responsible or Obliged to explaining to the owner or CEO or product chain supply director why they want to change their current supply line and what the benefits and consequences will be.

Before, Changing any supplier for another, the company thinking and feel fear about the new company's commitment, consistency, faith, product quality, advance payment, delivery process, right time delivery & many more. 

And maintaining too many suppliers is another hassle. Many manufacturing industries have lots of suppliers for every single product like one supplier for Stamping & Fine Blanking products, One for screw, nuts & fasteners, one for ball & bearings, one for die casting products, one for hot forging products, one for cold forging products, one for Precision Machining & one for Powder Metallurgy products, etc. But if you have a chance of removing many suppliers by a big supplier, Who can make many categories of products with super quality and reasonable price, then why not?

Many suppliers collect products and supply in the manufacturing industry as a partner or dealer. However, in that case, the price of the product increases a lot. Pricing is a big issue in the manufacturing industries. In most cases, they get the products after passing many hands. After all, when they create products for the market, it becomes the reason for the high price or low quality of any products.

At this point, we feel a need for a direct supplier or a Big supplier. By which, a company can collect product parts, machine tools & all kinds of finished and non-finished fasteners at a reasonable price with the best quality. 

SAJJ GLOBAL is a Giant manufacturing supplier company. They have good manufacturing capability with lots of variety of products.

Some of the manufacturing facility, by which they can be your one-stop manufacturing solutions instead of removing many suppliers are listed below:-

## Cold Forging ##

Location: Kaohsiung City / Taiwan
Establishment: 1990
Floor Size: 7,200 square meter
Total Employees: 90
Annual Production Capacity: 18,000 MT
Certification: ISO 9001, TS 16949

## Hot Forging ##

Location: New Taipei City / Taiwan
Establishment: 1974
Floor Size: 9,700 square meter
Total Employees: 80
Annual Production Capacity: 8,200 MT
Certification: ISO 9001

##Precision Machining ##

Location: New Taipei City / Taiwan
Establishment: 1996
Floor Size: 5,500 square meter
Total Employees: 70
Annual Production Capacity: 25,000,000 Units
Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949

## Stamping & Fine Blanking ##

Location: Taichung City / Taiwan
Establishment: 2003
Floor Size: 3,500 square meter
Total Employees: 50
Annual Production Capacity: 30,000,000 Units

## Die Casting ##

Location: Tainan City / Taiwan
Establishment: 1993
Floor Size: 6,600 square meter
Total Employees: 180
Annual Production Capacity: 20,000,000 Units
Certification: ISO 9001, TS 16949

## Powder Metallurgy ##

Location: Tainan City / Taiwan
Establishment: 1980
Floor Size: 5,000 square meter
Total Employees: 70
Annual Production Capacity: 5,000 MT
Certification: ISO 9001

Are You still searching for a dynamic and reliable supplier from the Far East? You do not need to travel to exhibitions personally or go through tons of magazines to find yourself another unreliable supplier anymore.

SAJJ is the one you are looking for. They have many years of experience in this industry and will do all the hard work for you.